A full description of each ride has been posted. (Just click on the name of the ride.) Reservations are made with a $50 non-refundable deposit which can be applied to any future tour that is not sold out in case you need to cancel. Other ride profiles and dates can be made avaialbe as 'custom tours'. Just email us with your requirements. Feel free to email or call with any questions.
                                                          2020 RETROTOURS  Schedule

                                                          (For a more detailed description, click the ride name)

1—MAY 23 & 24 ( Saturday & Sunday): SKYLINE DRIVE / Euromania
We follow 150 miles of unused back roads, including an obscure cabledrawn ferry across the Potomac River, enjoying the best of European sport/touring bikes of the past. 


Regarding the destination, the Lewisburg area boasts many fine restaurants and a cute, historic downtown featuring many fine shops and interesting architecture.               

3—JULY 26  (Sunday): LOCAL LOOPS 
Our route will be scenic, technically challenging, but taken at a relaxed pace, and very interesting: perfect for our vintage mounts.

4—AUGUST 15, 16, 17 (Saturday, Sunday, Monday):  GYRO #10 / WVA BLACKWATER - SOLD OUT
The roads in any direction are Pure Riding Nirvana and that is the real reason that RetroTours is going there; RIDING is the focus of this 3-day tour.

5—SEPTEMBER 4, 5, 6 (Fri., Sat., Sun.,) : SEVEN SPRINGS / Labor Day Gearhead Gathering 
If you love classic motorcycles; If you read Motorcycle Classics magazine; If you thirst for raw, off-the-grid adventure, this is the event for you.

6—OCTOBER 9, 10, 11, 12  (Fri., Sat,. Sun., Mon.)KINZUA / Columbus Day HD Factory Tour
It stood for over 100 years until a tornado knocked the center section down in 2003. Now, the skywalk lets us experience Autumn as never before. AMAZING! We cut clear across the Endless Mountains of Central PA & visit incredible Hyners View. Really good, easy, riding, and under 200 miles each day. To top it all off, we’ll get a tour of the Harley Davidson Factory in York on Monday: Columbus Day.

7—OCT. 31, NOV. 1  (Sat., Sun.)BILL'S OLD BIKE BARN / Halloween Subterranean Tour
A 2-day jaunt designed to give you a healthy dose of vintage touring the way it was meant to be.



*---The following custom tours are samples available for any size group. Contact us (at least two weeks in advance) to design any length tour you would like, on a day that fits your schedule. We will make it perfect for you and/or your group. Motorcycles, destination, trip length, and pace are all your choice. LET’S TALK! 

8—YOU CHOOSE THE DATE (any the day of the week): THE PAGODA
This one-day ride takes us to Reading, PA. On a high ridge overlooking the city and the Schuylkill River Valley is a tall Pagoda with an interesting history. About 150 miles in all, the return trip includes a stop at Joanna Furnace: an old restored village. Super relaxed ride.

This can be a one day or a two-day ride. The town was once the richest in America, and the main street, known as ‘Millionaire’s Row’ features Swiss architecture, and is buzzing with tourists ready to experience the surrounding mountains. It is best appreciated from the saddle of an antique motorcycle.

This jam packed one day ride includes a secluded, spectacular overlook of Aldred Lake on the Susquehanna River, a visit to Robert Fulton’s house, lunch at the base of the historic Wrightsville Bridge, dessert at the Haines Shoe House, and a visit to the little-known Indian Steps Museum. Breakfast and dinner are included. Ride is at your pace.   

A fantastic 2-day excursion includes 150 miles of traffic free twisties each day, we cross the Appalachian ridge and 4 covered bridges and visit a collection of much more than motorcycles that you will never, ever forget. Also included is a bone jarring electric tram ride down into the oldest coal mine in the country. Here is coal country, the economy may be depressed but the riding is uplifting.