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Reservations are made with a $50 non-refundable deposit which can be applied to any future tour that is not sold out in case you need to cancel. Other ride profiles and dates can be made available as 'custom tours'. Just email us with your requirements. Feel free to email or call with any questions.


Local Loops/One Day: May 20th (Saturday)  (sold out)
  Twelve spots available. We’ll ride 25 miles at a time, then stop for a short social break and bike swap if desired. Mostly at or just above the posted speed limit. The perfect way to sample some old bikes and make some new like-minded friends without stressing your head or your body: 150 miles in all.
All-inclusive (cheap) package price includes gas, 3 meals, unlimited fun.

Bill’s Old Bike Barn/Two Day: June 10th & 11th (Saturday/Sunday) (SOLD OUT)
  It’s just 150 miles as the crow flies, somewhat longer on the path less taken. The perfect distance for a two day round trip to this fascinating collection of all things motorcycle and much, much more. We’ll stay nearby in a motel and spend as much time as we want admiring this eclectic museum. Let’s do dinner in style in Bloomsburg, a cute college town. The roads to and from are a real treat!
The Eastern Continental Divide, covered bridges, jousting with windmills. Under 200 miles/day.

The Pinnacles/One Day: July 16 (Sunday)
  This jam packed one day ride includes a secluded, spectacular overlook of Aldred Lake on the Susquehanna River, a visit to Robert Fulton’s house, lunch at the base of the historic Wrightsville Bridge, dessert at the Haines Shoe House, and a visit to the little-known Indian Steps Museum. Breakfast and dinner are included. Ride is at your pace. The roads are scenic and twisty, and a river runs through it all

Redneck Gyro #13/West by God Virginia/3 day: August 19th, 20th and 21st.,
  A RetroTours tradition. Seven Italian bikes of the 70’s and 80’s are primed and ready. How about you?
This ride is not a ride for the faint hearted: 300+ miles on Friday and Saturday. Sunday is a toss-up: short ride, long ride, no ride, whatever: it’s up to you. These back roads never fail to impress.
We will search for pasta in the mountains; who knows what we will find? West Virginia---Almost Heaven.

The Curtiss Museum/Hammondsport, NY/4 Day: Sept. 8th -11th (Fri., Sat., Sun. & Mon.)
  Riding through the Poconos to the Finger Lakes Region of NY offers great riding and scenery, PLUS this fantastic museum featuring cars, airplanes, and motorcycles, including the V-8 Curtiss motorcycle that hit 136mph on Daytona Beach in 1907! All Japanese bikes, all have standard control layouts with shifters on the left, and electric start. 200 mile days.  A bit more serious. A great way to celebrate Indigenious Peoples' Day (FKA Columbus Day). YOU CAN DO IT

The Pagoda/One Day: October 8th (Sunday) BYOB: Ride your own bike on this one if you want to.
  This one-day back roads ride takes us to Reading, PA. On a high ridge overlooking the city and the Schuylkill River Valley is a tall Pagoda with an interesting history. We’ll ride past the original Reading motorcycle factory building. About 150 miles in all, the return trip includes a stop at Joanna Furnace: an old, restored village. Super relaxed ride. Includes Skyline Drive (PA) and a bit of Amish country.

Less is More/Gypsy Tour/2 Day: Nov. 4th & 5th (Sat. & Sun.)
  LESS: Two short days of 125 miles each on 5 or 6 -- 500cc bikes. We will watch the weather closely.
Extra warm gear, rain gear, etc. available for loan. We will choose a direction based on the weather patterns, our whims, or possibly a coin toss, then ride off on tiny back roads, covering random scenic ways at a very easy pace. Once the trip meter hits 3 digits, we look for a place to spend the night.
  MORE: Relaxed fun and adventure. The perfect way to sample RetroTours Light.

Custom tours of all types are available to fit your requirements. Let’s talk! 610-608-7430: Joel