Dear Lynn and Joel,

Thank you for your hospitality on Saturday. I had a wonderful time and felt welcome in your home and on your great collection of motorcycles. The day exceeded my expectations. I hope to ride again with you sometime soon.





Joel - I am sorry this is arriving late, but I wanted to sincerely thank you for your hospitality and guiding one of the most memorable and fun trips I have ever taken. 

The experience of riding your bikes through the beautiful PA back roads was incredible. My confidence grew everyday on the bikes and I really appreciated your patience and willingness to teach. 

The dynamic of the group was fantastic and I know that my Dad, brother and I will be back for another RetroTour in the future.

Please stay in touch and let me know when you head west to San Francisco.




Joel - What a ride! It was absolutely spectacular. I don't know how you can do it, watching all those ham-fisted riders crunching gears and hacking away on machines you've poured over for hours to keep running. And they all run fantastically. It just amazes me.

Anyway, thanks again for everything; looking forward to seeing you at the Barber Vintage Festival.

Best regards,
Jim Backus
Editor, Motorcycle Classics