Alex's Google Review

It turned out to be one of those absolutely perfect days... 10 Days before the trip, Joel e-mailed us and said: we ride rain or shine. Well, works for me. I packed my rain suit and didn't even check the weather. I never needed the suit, because the weather turned out to be perfect. If you ride, you know -- just the right temp, just the right humidity, just perfect. My first bike was a Triumph. Carbureted. Kick start. "Unusual" controls: gear shift on the right and rear brake on the left. Fantastic! I have never ridden a street bike with a kick start before. Starting it while on a slight incline is an adventure! Imagine -- clutch out, rear brake out (you really need your left foot on the ground while you are jumping on the start lever with your right). Front brake in, to keep the bike from moving and as you jump and the motor kicks over, you have to blip the throttle, while still holding the front brake in. All of this takes surprising amount of coordination and is great fun! The second bike I rode that afternoon was the Gold Wing GL1000. Great bike! Smooth power in every gear, awesome handling. A 1976 and yet feels totally like a modern bike. Quick off the line, well planted and confidence inspiring in the curves. Just a solid, great performing, comfortable bike. As for the hosts, and I should have started with the hosts -- Joel and Lynn remind me of my Mom and Dad. I felt as I was spending a night at home. Awesome company and awesome experience. We are already planning our next tour.


Alex Rosenbaum