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Bill Blake



Hello Joel,

   Thank you very much for another excellent adventure! You have made this very memorable by bringing together a great group, having truly exciting machines to ride and by adding in a comprehensive history lesson: the smallest church, the big hearted town, the oldest brewery, the Pagoda, and as a side benefit, seeing a for real ‘texting Menonite’.

Thank you for picking Don and I up at the airport, we didn’t miss the 7-8 hour drive; discovering the air routes makes RetroTours much more accessible to me as I just don’t like long car trips. $81 round trip (plus luggage fees) is a pittance compared to the long drive, especially after coming in on Sunday. Please pass my sincere thanks to Lynn for her gracious hospitality and super delicious food, in your comfortable home.

Pennsylvania is truly a motorcyclist’s bounty with all those twisty roads and , literally, no speed limits. I look forward to my next trip; RetroTours ‘Light’ was just right for me. 100 miles or so a day plus scenery/history/camaraderie was just perfect. 4 days would be the cat’s meow.

Most sincerely,

Bill Blake