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Bill Wells' Letter

                                                                                                                 April 22, 2010


Hi Joel


I wanted to send you a note of thanks for a great ride. As I said every ride is good for my head: having to concentrate on just what is ahead always releases my mind from work, etc. Riding older and unfamiliar bikes requires even more concentration. You do a great job of shepherding the group with out feeling like we were herded at all! Being the most conservative rider of the group I did not get any sense of pressure to keep a certain pace which was nice. The homestead cabin was perfect and should be a regular stop; it allowed everyone to spend time together and share the common bond of motorcycles. I hope to join you again in the future maybe fall at this rate. Please tell Lynn thanks for a great dinner when we got home, I think we all needed it.


See you soon,


Bill H. Wells