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Bob Gould's Letter

                                                                                                            September, 2000


Subject: Vintage Tour


Dear Mr. Joelly Mon,


This is the letter in which I will attempt to express both my gratitude and feedback for the New River Gorge Vintage Ride, which was in my estimation a great success. The high level of anticipation among the vintage cycle boys was easily met and exceeded. Ultimately I can only speak for myself, but I certainly observed some most satisfied, happy and tired cycle boys on the return trip to Boston. In fact Alan was so excited that he recounted every minute and detail of the trip to a helplessly captive audience, a young, attentive (polite) couple, who either did a great job of feigning interest, or were genuinely engrossed in the exploits of the cycle boys.

Here are a few more thoughts.

Luggage:I actually enjoyed flying with a suitcase and packing for the bike when I got there.

Breakdowns: I personally derived great pleasure in witnessing your considerable expertise and creative solutions to the generally minor and nearly major problems we experienced on the road, although I’m sorry I missed the soldering of the BSA jet.

Chase Vehicle: You know a vintage sidehack may provide more room for luggage, spares, or a passenger if a bike goes down.

Food and Lodging: Those cabins in the state park where we saw the BMW in a trailer might be a really cool place to hang out for a couple of days….beautiful roads in all directions. Man, I long to return to WV and beyond. Econo Lodge in Elkins was COOL. No interstate, park in front of or inside your room, hot tub and pool at the end of a long day of really sweet roads. Good picnic lunch. Great breakfast and dinner. Eat to ride, ride to eat!


These are my thoughts for now. I believe that a number of the points I’ve made or questions I’ve raised require further research, which would suggest another ride through WV and beyond as soon as possible. How did the bikes survive the trip? Are you and Lynn OK?


Thanks again Joel. It was a special ride as riding with you always is.


Bob Gould