Coya and Doug's Review of Gyro #10

Subject: Redneck Gyro #10 comments
Coya's Comments:
From the moment we arrived at the airport and Joel picked us up to the early morning departure we loved every minute of our adventure.  We came from the Pacific Northwest to experience the rural countryside of the East and ride the Appalachia mountains.  Whether the roads were windy or straight, whether we were going up or down, on pavement or gravel, whether we had light rain, more rain or no rain we could not have had a finer experience! I didn't always know which state I was in, but that didn't matter.
Joel is an excellent leader and planner. If we rode fast or slow, were ahead or behind schedule, were comfortable on the "chosen bike" or not; Joel was never fazed. I  think he had a story in him for every comment made on a bike, a place or an experience. He never stopped from the start of the day to the end of the day. (See photo of Joel tweaking the Norton on the cable ferry.)  Joel is a great teacher too. I learned a lot more about vintage bikes and became a better rider. He was very patient and encouraging!
From the first dinner to the final dinner we could not have had better cuisine or hospitality in Kennett Square. Lynn enjoys cooking and her culinary delights are amazing. I heard some people come just for the meals and take home boxes!
We cannot than you enough for making our East Coast Vintage ride go beyond any and all expectations!!
Doug's Comments:
All of his bikes are well sorted out, maintained and reliable. They are very well suited for the experience. Doug's comment about his favorite bike, the Norton Commando was simply "Glorious!"
Coya and Doug Erickson, Port Angeles WA