It began as a private collection. Sometime ago, after middle age set in, I began purchasing some of the big twin cylinder motorcycles that I had ridden and loved in the 1970’s. Soon, I added bikes that I wished I had owned. Finally, I decided to assemble a collection of every big twin from the 1970’s. I always felt that these motorcycles should be ridden, not just collected and stored, but at a certain point it became apparent that I would need help … I had more bikes than I could ride. So in 1998 I organized a trip for eight or ten friends. They drove, rode or flew into town, loaded up some bikes and we headed south. Over the years, this routine evolved into three or four tours per year, and we experimented with group sizes of three to twelve and distances ranging from local jaunts to cross country adventures, and even international rides.

The next great step in the evolution of RetroTours came with the realization that I could not afford to sponsor these rides indefinitely. I have now taken the lessons learned over the years and applied them. RetroTours is not dedicated to earning profits but exists to enable us to share a unique vintage touring experience with others. While we may never grow rich, at least we will now grow poor somewhat more slowly, while continuing to enjoy and share the adventure, the thrill and the camaraderie of retro-touring. Every ride is unique and every ride presents challenges and I still love every ride.

Joel Samick

I was a rotten kid. At fifteen, I ran away with my friend Steve. We jumped on Steve’s Lambretta 200 scooter one summer and headed north from Boston. I called home from Montreal days later. Mother was not pleased.

In 1969, I was one of scores of young Americans who bought a Norton Commando at Elite Motors in London. One hundred days later, I had seen most of Europe and a bit of Asia. I took more than that Norton home with me that summer. I also took home the realization that motorcycles and touring would always be a part of my life.

Back at home, this translated into an entry level position as an apprentice technician at a Honda shop. My career took me to several dealerships, a job with American Honda, a moderately successful road racing venture and many more wonderful motorcycle trips all over the world, including Spain, Portugal, Hawaii, New Zealand, the Isle of Mann, Venezuela and Mexico, to name a few.

Finally, in 1985 my wife and I opened a motorcycle dealership in Delaware. I retired in 1998 to pursue my passion: restoring, riding and maintaining classic bikes. I consider myself to be one lucky son of a bitch.

RetroTours has been running tours ever since and the fleet has grown to 25 machines. They are not pristine nor are they perfect but they are mechanically sound and a joy to behold and to ride. I try to tailor the tours to my clients and love nothing better than to custom design trips to suit your schedule, your interests and desires. From 1 day local loops to extended journeys I am open to any suggestions and I will make it very easy for you: just show up and ride!


Over the years I have come to realize that the best part of RetroTours is meeting and getting to know other enthusiasts. Seeing riders come together to meet the challenges that are inherent in what we do is an amazing experience and I feel compelled to share it.