July 2013 - Custom Tour

Custom Tour from July 2013

   Steve was in town for family business and had notified me well in advance. He wanted to sample some of the bikes and routes but would only be up from his home in Georgia for a few days which did not coincide with any scheduled RetroTours. I checked my schedule and we agreed that he would spend two days here and we would ride several short loops to try a couple of the bikes at least. He had a special interest in the XLCR which simply proves that he has very good taste indeed.

   We ran that XLCR and the baby Guzzi first. Everyone loves the V50. It is such a smooth, lightweight, user friendly thing compared to the Harley. Still, the brutal rush of the Harley’s torque curve goes a long way towards canceling out its less desirable traits. Sure it has a difficult side but it is like a difficult beautiful woman: you love it all the same. (I hope my wife doesn’t read this but in case you do honey it’s all just literary symbolism OK?)

   On the second day we ran the Ambassador and the R90/6. These two big bore shafties travel quite well together and of course the inevitable comparison between yesterday’s 500 and today’s 750 Guzzis was as interesting as we had anticipated. Bigger may not always be better but it is always bigger. 

   The weather was not bad at all and Steve accomplished his goal of sampling part of the RetroTours fleet. Now that he knows what we do, he says he will be back with friends for a full group ride. For sure the company of like minded individuals and the camaraderie that we experience is every bit as cool as actually riding those awesome big twins from the seventies.

    Custom tours can be arranged for individuals or groups. I am open to any and all suggestions and will do my best to accommodate your desires and schedule. Drop an email and let me know what you have in mind. Here’s a few pics from our July ‘custom tour’. 





Joel @ retrotours