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I keep forgetting to tell you of the theme song I started in my head from the retroride
To the tune of "To dream the impossible dream"
To ride the unrideable bike,
to shift on the left or the right,
to stop, when the brakes are not listeneing,
to ride, the unrideable bike.
To hope you are not going to stall,
to know, you are not going to fall,
the bruise from the kick starter lever,
Such fun, that was had by us all...................
Yes, I am going stir crazy. Peg




Dear Joel,

……………I was impressed with the group in your tour: their ease, enthusiasm and pleasure in each other and in the moment I found not only infectious but remarkable when I realized that most of them had not known each other before. While it is a compliment to them, it was you who set the stage and created the atmosphere which made it special.

   Bridgette and I thank you for your generous words and the opportunity to meet such an attractive group. Thanks especially for the ride in the sidecar; I felt like a WWI pilot—with the same unfavorable odds for survival! I think I could into the experience.

Thanks again Joel,

Ed George

(the proprietor of a primitive log cabin where we stayed in the mountains of West Virginia)





Thanks a lot for giving us the opportunity to ride together. It is always a lot of fun, and every time in a unique way.

By the way, we covered 1100 miles, times 11 bikes equals 12,100 miles total.

We done good.

Ilya K.


                                                                                               June 2, 2011


Thanks for a great time. The ride was great. I’ve passed info to a few friends who ride and encouraged them to grab a couple of buddies for a tour. Not sure if your site has a place to post favorable comments but I’d love to send one along.

Thanks again,

Eric Vaughn

                                                                                                   June 10,2011


Thanks again for putting together, maybe even EPIC ride. Good guys, good route, good food and great bikes. I thought it was a smart plan to set apace for the first day until we got ourselves sorted out and then crank it up for the next two days.

RetroTours is confirmation that it’s way more fun to ride a slow bike fast that a fast bike slow. Hope to be back again.


Eric V

Raleigh, NC



See this smile on my face?

You put it there!


…..and I’m STILL smiling from the trip.

Thanks again.




   Thanks for a great Retro Roar vintage biker journey! I had a great time and enjoyed riding the bikes you provided: a fun time with good weather, great food and an inspirational group. Hope to be able to come back on another trip soon.

Best Regards,

Shipley Allinson

                                                                                               April 8, 2011


Hi Joel,

We made it back safely last night. Thank you for a wonderful tour. The bikes and routes were great and Bill’s Old Bike Barn was the perfect destination. We would like to thank your wife for the delicious meals and for the hospitality.

Colin Sheldon

        Note: Collin gave the one day RetroTour to his dad for a 50th birthday gift.

                                                                                            October 30, 2003


Hi Joel,

Thanks again for the Confederate tour. I heard banjos, I swear!

The yellow bungee chord is mine.

Doug Snyder