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Reservations are made with a $50 non-refundable deposit which can be applied to any future tour that is not sold out in case you need to cancel. Other ride profiles and dates can be made available as 'custom tours'. Just email us with your requirements. Feel free to email or call with any questions.


Local Loops/One Day: April 28 (Sunday) SOLD OUT.
Ten spots available. We’ll ride 25miles at a time, then stop for a short social break and bike swap if desired. Mostly at or just above the posted speed limit. This is the perfect way to sample some old bikes and make some new, like-minded friends without stressing your head or your body. Under 150 miles in all. The all-inclusive price includes gas, 3 meals and unlimited fun. 

Hub and Spoke Tour: May 20th, 21st, 22nd (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
Why weekdays? Some unlucky individuals work on weekends. Others need a few extra days off. Traffic is lighter. You will get to ride a different bike each day on a round trip of 100-150 miles. Choose any three from the RetroTours fleet. You can also partcipate for just one or two days if you prefer. Easy pace, back roads, local attractons.

Skyline Drive/Euromania: June 22nd & 23rd (Saturday/Sunday)
On an assortment of English, Italian, and German bikes we head south to Front Royal to sample Skyline Drive. ShiŌers may be on the right where God intended, or on the leŌ. Some start with a buƩon, some with a foot, and some both. Oil leaks assured. VibraƟons all good. Fun guaranteed at a relaxed pace. Skyline Drive = bucket list Blue Ridge views. About 160 miles on day one, 220 miles day two.   

Golden Age Air Museum: July 14 (Sunday)
Siri says it’s 75 miles each way, but our route will be less direct to include less traffic and more twisƟes. Once there, we can enjoy the museum and restoraƟon shop, and if you are brave enough, grab a ride in a biplane that takes off from (and hopefully lands on) the grass air strip. Vintage bikes AND airplanes; and who knows? Maybe we can even find some vintage trains.

Redneck Gyro #14: August 17th, 18th and 19th (Sat., Sun., Mon.)
 West-By-God-Virginia never fails to thrill: the countryside, the roads, the friendly people. We will seek out a comfortable remote mountain cabin and enjoy three days of riding bliss. Italian bikes are the preferred choice, we can field as many as seven. Did I mention the roads? Not for the faint hearted, two of the days are 300 milers.    

The Kinzua Bridge Day: Sept. 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th (Fri., Sat., Sun. & Mon.) 
 Over 2,000 feet long and 300 feet high; once called the 8th Wonder of the World, it stood for over 100 years. The fall foliage visible from the sky-high observation platform is amazing. Just as phenomenal are the roads leading to and from this remote corner of PA. Monday includes a Harley Factory Tour in York, PA. or the cars and bikes at the AACA Museum in Hershy. Lots of riding: two medium days, one long day, and 1 short day. Serious inquiries only please.  

Chesapeake Bay Cruise: Oct. 19th (Saturday)
A very pleasant ride south along the Delaware River brings us to Lewes, DE where we board a ferry to Cape May, NJ. The 90 minute cruise to this off season resort presents interesƟng opportuniƟes for a late lunch. The ride north along Jersey’s hidden “clamshell west coast” is simply delighƞul and includes a stop at the historic Hancock House. About 200 miles all told. 

Chicoteague Island and the Wallops Launch Facility: Nov. 2nd, 3rd (Saturday and Sunday)
We poke into Virginia after visiting the Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover, DE and riding 2 short ferries across Maryland rivers. Then a long, long causeway/bringe brings us to Chincoteague Island, mostly deserted at this time of year. Still, a ghost-like Jimmy Buffet atmosphere prevails. We also visit Assateague Island where wild horses roam the beach, and stop for lunch in Ocean City, Maryland. Great backroads across the DelMarVa Peninsula. 250miles per day. Moderate pace.  


Custom tours of all types are available to fit your requirements. Let’s talk! 610-608-7430: Joel