What you need to bring
Riding gear: DOT approved crash helmet and eye protection, corrective lenses plus spares (if required on your driver’s license), quality riding jacket, sturdy leather riding gloves and over-the-ankle shoes or boots, rain suit/rain pants, waterproof riding gloves, boot covers (if your boots are not waterproof), waterproof duffle bag (small to medium size), insulating layers (for cooler weather).

We strongly recommend: purpose-made riding pants or over-pants; body armor (back, shoulders, elbows, knees, hips) in your jacket and riding pants; quality full-face crash helmets rather than open-face helmets; synthetic fabrics for insulating layers rather than cotton.

Other stuff to bring: Sunglasses, cotton bandana, sun hat, lip balm, water bottle, small first-aid kit, compact camera, cell-phone, emergency contact information, driver’s license, cash, credit card(s), small flashlight, small towel/cotton rags.

Casual Clothing (other than riding gear): 2-3 pairs underwear/t-shirts, long-johns (light or heavy, depending on season), long pants, turtleneck, lightweight walking shoes, 2-3 shirts, swim suit in summer.

Recommended packing philosophy: For longer trips, it is easier to do a load of laundry during the journey rather than carry too much luggage on a bike. Travel light: bring what you need, but no more.  

If you need motorcycle luggage, check out 

About You
You need to be an experienced motorcyclist and at least 25 years old (we will ask about your experience when you contact us about a trip). You also need a valid U.S. driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement, a fun approach to life and some degree of reverence for classic machinery.

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